Boeing approves Pietro Rosa TBM to D1-4426 Quality Management System allowing the supply of 6Al-4V Titanium Forgings, Mechanical and Metallurgical testing.
July 12th, 2018

Maniago, Italy – Pietro Rosa TBM (Turbine Blade Manufacturing) has been approved by Boeing for the production process of titanium forgings.

The Boeing Company assures that special processes, production of raw material and the procurement of selected part standards are performed in accordance with contractually established engineering specifications, drawings, and quality requirements. This will allow the production of aero-structural forging for use on Boeing products.

The specific approvals for Pietro Rosa TBM are published on the Boeing portal  “Approved Process Sources D1-4426” contained within the website http://www.boeingsuppliers.com

This represents yet another step forward in the companies drive towards increasing its share in the aerospace market as a key supplier of mission-critical forged structural products. This approval provides a pivotal milestone for the company by providing a perfect fit with the company strategy of building on the companies long established core competence of forging with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer.


For further information: Pietro Rosa TBM | T. +39 0427 71503  | media@pietrorosacorporate.com


About Pietro Rosa TBM

Pietro Rosa TBM is an international leading manufacturer of compressor airfoils and mission critical components in the energy, aerospace, oil & gas and marine markets. Pietro Rosa TBM has plants located in Europe and USA.

The group invests heavily in R&D and innovation and has built up its intellectual property in hot forming, machining and surface finishing technologies through a solid collaboration with universities and research centers globally.

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