/ Markets

Energy, Marine and
Oil & Gas sectors
/ Markets
Serving the most demanding
OEMs in key strategic sectors worldwide
Pietro Rosa TBM serves the aerospace market with compressor airfoils (blades, vanes, IBRs, fan blades, VSVs) as well as with mission critical components.
Pietro Rosa TBM delivers compressor airfoils to the key Industrial Gas Turbine OEMs, as well as turbine blades for Steam.
Oil & Gas
In the Oil & Gas market, materials and equipment must meet increasingly stringent reliability. Pietro Rosa TBM offers OEMs and operators special components with the performance and the reliability required in the harshest environments.
In the marine market, Pietro Rosa TBM is a key supplier of turbocharger components: this is as a result of Pietro Rosa TBM’s development of the new manufacturing processes that step-changed the way turbocharger components are specified.

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