/ Heritage and ethics

/ Heritage and ethics
130 years devoted
to innovation and long lasting
customer satisfaction


Pietro Rosa TBM has 130 years of experience in metal forming and associated technologies. Based in Maniago, Friuli Venezia Giulia, a Northern region of Italy with a strong metallurgical heritage, tracing back to the 15th Century. In 1887 Pietro Rosa TBM started making and selling agricultural tools. The company soon moved into fine cutlery, which stood as its core business for over half a century. Shortly after World War II Pietro Rosa TBM started developing and manufacturing more complex forgings such as net shape steam and gas turbine blades for major Italian and international OEMs. Since then Pietro Rosa TBM has developed over 1,500 products in 30 different materials, including special steels, titanium alloys, aluminum and nickel alloys.
Technical expertise combined with a drive for continuous improvement have made Pietro Rosa TBM the partner of choice for the development and production of business sensitive components, from aero engine compressor blades to complex structural parts.

Over 130 years devoted
to innovation and long lasting
customer satisfaction


Founded in 1887, Pietro Rosa TBM is a privately owned company, specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of business sensitive and mission-critical components for gas turbines, steam turbines and aerostructures. Its products are the core components of the leading OEMs in the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Marine market sectors. With state of the art manufacturing in Maniago, one hour drive North of Venice, Pietro Rosa TBM employs highly skilled and trained staff, has manufacturing capability in North America and representative offices in key areas of the world. Pietro Rosa TBM invests heavily in R&D and innovation, it has built up its intellectual property in hot forming, machining and welding technologies by over 20 years of close collaboration with universities and research labs in Italy and abroad. Its commitment to world-class excellence and reliability is recognized by numerous Supplier Excellence awards.


To be the dependable partner of leading OEMs for smart and affordable solutions, from new concept design to production, through the integration of diverse metal forming, machining and finishing technologies.
Founder’s values are still the cornerstones
of the way we do business


Doing the right thing, earning trust for outstanding commitment, working hard each day, every day to improve, respecting each of our customers’ needs. These are our founder’s values that have remained the core of our work ethic since the beginning. They serve as the fuel for Pietro Rosa TBM’s quest for continuous improvement and innovation and they set the ideal ground for stable and long-term customer supplier partnership.

Code of ethics

Pietro Rosa TBM is sensitive to the necessity of ensuring a fair and transparent conduct of its business activities to protect the company’s position and image and to guarantee the respect of the work, health and safety of its employees.

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