Paris Air show Pietro Rosa TBM Celebrates 130-year anniversary
June 21st, 2017

As one of few companies that have truly stood the test of time, Pietro Rosa TBM celebrated its 130-year history at the Paris Air show. The event was well attended with customers, officials and business partners.

A memento of the event was recorded in the form of a crystal obelisk that historically represented technological ingenuity, which also embodies and symbolises the spirit of the company.



Bart Kollen who is the deputy commissioner of the department of economic development for the State

of Connecticut presented a proclamation Issued by the Governor of the State to the company. The proclamation cited the pride of the State of Connecticut having the connection with such a long-standing European company through its New England Airfoil Products operation in the USA.

The Group CEO, Mauro Fioretti took the opportunity to speak about the secret of longevity of the company through its Values, its people and its ability to adapt to the evolving market places that it operates in saying:

“Ingenuity in technology is what has transformed the company into a international vertically integrated platform that has the ability to utilize diverse technologies in support of our customers needs through the entire lifecycle of a gas turbine.

We recognize the market is ever changing in terms of technologies and demand; as such “change to grow” is in the DNA of the company but always recognizing that the people are the most important asset of the business.

Our commitment is to leverage on the “know how” that has been built over the generations and capitalize on the intangible assets to take the company to the next level.”

Only through integrity, constant evolutionary change, foresight and investment can companies meet the challenges of the marketplace and thrive was the underlying message.


For further information: Pietro Rosa TBM | T. +39 0427 71503  | media@pietrorosacorporate.com


About Pietro Rosa TBM

Pietro Rosa TBM is an international leading manufacturer of compressor airfoils and mission critical components in the energy, aerospace, oil & gas and marine markets. Pietro Rosa TBM has plants located in Europe and USA.

The group invests heavily in R&D and innovation and has built up its intellectual property in hot forming, machining and surface finishing technologies through a solid collaboration with universities and research centers globally.

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